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The Spectral Ruin Outpost is said to be a door to the underworld. It allows players to revive troops that died in battle. Only troops that died in battle PvP can be revived.

Constructing the Spectral Ruins requires 100,000 Anthropus Talismens, control a level 7+ forest and a player level 5.

Dragon AltarEdit

This holds the incredibly powerful Wraith Dragon and is the centerpiece of the Spectral Ruins. The Wraith Dragon is said to be as powerful as a mighty army. Can only be sent by itself on an attack.In order to level up your Dragon Altar you need to keep collecting the Anthropus Talismans as the number doubles for every level. Also when your dragon is ready to fight,

Lvl 10 Wraith

you will be required to have both the Blue Energy and the Talismans to summon it, you will also need the Remains of the Wraith Dragon , in other words simply to send it out. So, both those resources are a pre-requisite in order to summon the dragon EVERY TIME. You do not lose your dragons armor though.

In order to send the Wraith Dragon, you must summons it by clicking the "Summons" button that is found inside your Dragon's Keep. Then go to your target and select the dragon as you would the others.

If you summons the dragon, you do not have to send it at that time. The blue energy will regenerate even if you have your dragon summoned.

Dark PortalEdit

Dark Portal

A Dark Portal is a building available in the Spectral Ruins. Dark Portals will consume Blue Energy and Souls to revive lost troops. Dark Portals allow you to resurrect different types of troops which have died in battle. Much like a Garrison, you will need a higher level Dark Portal to build more advanced troop types. Each unit revived will deduct the souls from your Mausoleum.

Requirements to Upgrade and Benefits

Level Revives Food Lumber Ore Stone Gold Time
1 Porters/Conscripts 350 1300 600 1900 975 1m 35s
2 Halberdsmend/Spies 700 2600 1200 3800 1950 7m 42s
3 Minotaurs 1400 5200 2400 7600 3900 15m 23s
4 Longbowmen 2800 10400 4800 15200 7800 30m 46s
5 Swift Strike Dragons 5600 20800 9600 30400 15600
6 Armored Transport 11200 41600 19200 60800 31200 2h 6m 40s
7 Battle Dragons 22400 83200 38400 121600 62400 4h 13m 20s
8 Giants 44800 166400 76800 243200 124800 8h 26m 40s
9 Fire Mirrors 89600 332800 153600 486400 249600 14h 13m 20s
10 FTs, Ogres, LJs, Banshees 179200 665600 307200 972800 499200 1d 4h 26m 4s


A Mausoleum is a building introduced in the Spectral Ruins. Souls recovered from battle are stored in the crypts of Mausoleums and can be revived in the Dark Portal. If your Mausoleums are full and you lose troops, you will not be able to collect any of those souls.
Level Souls Stored Food Lumber Ore Stone Gold Time
1 500
2 1000
3 2000
4 3000
5 5000
6 7000
7 9500
8 12000
9 15000
10 20000

Reaping StonesEdit

Reaping Stone
The Reaping Stones is a resource building introduced in the Spectral Ruins. By default, the Spectral Ruins start off with a production of 2,000 Blue Energy per hour and a capacity to store 500,000 Blue Energy. The construction of Reaping Stones increases the production rate and capacity to store Blue Energy. You do not need to collect this resource in Silos, as it is automatically added to your reserves. Research improves the amount of blue energy that is produced an hour.

Production and Storage Capacity of Reaping Stones

Production (Blue Energy per hour)

Storage Capacity
1 4 1,000
2 20 5,000
3 40 10,000
4 60 15,000
5 80 20,000
6 120 30,000
7 160 40,000
8 200 50,000
9 240 60,000
10 300