Other than back story, race has no effect on the game. So, pick the picture you like and beyond that it doesn't affect general game play.

The race you choose will decide the design the level 11 buildings


Mighty and courageous Female Warriors, the Amazon fear no man.

Courage, Honor, Compassion, and the bond of the Sisterhood are at the center of Amazon warrior society. Their imposing height and strength comes from Life Thread tinkering by the Ancient Ones.


Brillant and cerebral, the Primus are masters of Science and the Blue Energy.

The first Human Tribe was the Primus. They are peaceful and analytical, with an unspoken singleness of purpose. The Primus are believed to have more of the Ancient Ones' Life Threads than the other tribes.


The Solerians are cunning organized, and unmerciful, and must win at any cost.

The Solerians are intelligent and crafty, driven by the desire for individual power. They are the greatest builders of Atlantis. Solerians use cunning battle tactics and invent ingenious war machines.


The fierce Zolmec are attuned to all living things. Especially the Dragons.

A proud and powerful people, the Zolmec draw strength from their harmonious relationship with Nature. They are passionate believers in ritual and discipline, with a special affinity for their Dragons.