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Attention Atlantis! After a recent update from Kabam it has been made clear that there is going to be a new type of troop which can be trained in the Ice Outpost. We will notify you all about this troop's name and stats. (Note: The information about this troop will be posted on the Troops page and the Frost Dragon page.)

The Frost Dragon Egg can now be found in level 5 Mountains and above. A Great or Elemental dragon is needed to get it, but there is an increased drop rate if you use the Wraith dragon. The egg can be obtained at any time, but a Spectral Ruins must be built before the Ice Outpost can be built. Happy Hunting.

-Spectral Ruin Outpost is now available for all players. 100,000 Anthropus Talismans are required to build it, click the link for more information.

-Drop rate of Elemental Dragon eggs and armor has been increased!

-Homes, Garrisons, Muster Point, and Officers' Quarters can now be upgraded to lvl 14! (Requires an Ancestral Seal)


The DoA Helper Application is now being hosted by google to provide a cleaner, safer way to download it without the need for CAPTCHA and popups. This was done to prevent popups, viruses and spyware from getting loaded from the other free file hosting site.

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